Survivor Survey – Andrea

Copper Canyon Academy Survivor Survey – andrea


Date of Submission: 08-24-13


Do you wish to grant further testimony to investigators? – Please contact me with further information.


Age and year of admittance – I am currently 18 but was 16 when I got sent to CCA in 2012.


How long was your stay at Copper Canyon Academy? – 6 months


How long have you been back home? – About 10 months.


Did you graduate the program? – No


Before the program did you have a serious drug problem? Please describe severity – No


Before the program were you admitted to any other residential treatment, for instance a mental hospital? – No.


Before the program did you have a criminal record or spend time in Juvenile Hall? – No


Where you court ordered, or did your parents choose to send you to the program? – My parents and I made the decisiom to send me to get help.


Did you consent to treatment at CCA? Did you sign a contract? – I consented and signed a contract but if I had known what I was about to get myself into, I would have never consented.


Was there a medical admissions process? Please describe – Im not sure.


Were your medical records considered before you were admitted into the program.? – Yes.


Were you strip searched? How many times? – No.


How much was your tuition? – Hell no.


In your opinion were the teachers, good teachers? Did they have degrees and certifications? – Some were good others absolutely did not know what they were doing



Were your tests open book, multiple choice tests? Would you consider them easy to pass? – No.


How many school credits did you earn in what period of time? – 3.5 in six months.


Did you receive a diploma from CCA? – No


Was a certified medical professional available to students at their request? – Absolutely not. It was nearly impossible to get an appointment on your own without emailing your parents and having them call the school and do it. When I was there I needed a sleep study and they refused because no staff would come with ke overnight. I had to do it on one of my visits which was already short enough.


Were proper check ups, dental cleaning, and medication observation appointments held regularly? – Not at all. All of the appointments for my braces had to wait until I was a level four so I could go home. The one time I had an appointment, thr school scheduled it without my parents knowing and theu still had to pay for it.


If you got sick were you given adequate treatment and rest? – No. You were told to drink more water by the school nurse who is even a registered nurse



Were you ever refused medical care because staff said that you were “faking it”? – No.I didmt really get sick during my time at CCA so I wouldn’t know. But I sae it refused to other girls frequently.


Was a medical service offered for drug detox or drug rehabilitation? – Nope


Was there any kind of “Drug Education” available for students who had used drugs in the past? – There was AA and NA. Apparently they used to have Alanon whoch was what I needed and they took it away for some unknown reason.


What is the name of your case manager/ “Therapist”? Did they have degrees/ licenses? What were their qualifications before taking the job at CCA? – Juniper Campbell. Real name: jennifer campbell.

I never did figure out if her degree was good but always wondered why she didn’t want to be called by her real name.


Was group therapy considered to be of a confrontational nature? – No. The girls all love each other because we werw all so trauma bonded together.


Do you feel you were forced to confess to things you did not do in order to progress in the program? – No. But we were forced to become snitches and hold people accountable in order to move up in our program. Great way of running a place. Turn all the girls against each other fornthe benefit of staff.


Were students encouraged to accept that they were alcoholics or drug addicts? Was this required to advance in the program? – Yes.


Were students encouraged to follow a 12 step program in order to earn levels and graduate the program – Yes.


Were students encouraged to accept a “higher power” contingent to their recovery? – Yes people were forced to fimd a higher power. I didnt have one at the time and had to fake having one so I could “move on.”


In your opinion, How was the food quality? Was it prepared properly? Were safety and health codes followed in the kitchen? – Fatty and unhealthy. Many girls gained excessive weight from eating so much of that processed food.


Did you ever go hungry? Were you given proper portions? Was food ever withheld as a punishment? Please describe “Non-Compliant” meals. How many days in a row were you on “Non-Compliant” meals? – Never went hungry.