Copper Canyon Academy – Caroline M.




I Caroline M. declare and state as follows:


NAME OF PROGRAM – Copper Canyon Academy


Location of Program – Rimrock, Lake Montezuma, AZ


Period of Internment – 10/02 to 07/03


Declarative Statement – I was taken to the program by my parents who told me I was going to a doctor appointment and by the time we were on the freeway going the opposite way, they said they had tricked me into getting in the car and they were driving me to a boarding school which was in Arizona, CCA. I was emotionally scarred to say the least and was forced to process all of these rules and said that I couldn’t use tampons until level 3, which was a 6 month minimum time frame to reach that level. Tampons were a privilege just like shoes were. We had to wear slippers a minimum of 2 months even when it rained. I was put on “run risk” after being there for a week and put into isolation which was a cinder block bathroom and had to stay there for 48 hours with a staff member sitting outside of the door. I was dressed in all orange in these dirty basketball shorts and t-shirt and slept on a cold tile floor. I wasn’t at all deserving of isolation and was taken into it because I had passed notes back and forth to another level one saying I wanted to get the hell out of there. I didn’t actively try to escape and never acted out against another person either. I was put on 48 hour silence and couldn’t talk to anybody but staff by raising my hand to ask questions. After that incident, I was told by another girl, that the only was out is through and to follow the program or i’d be there for years if I didn’t work the steps. I have major PTSD from the boarding school that has been diagnosed by 3 doctors and have had to do therapy including EMDR and take medications for my anxiety.I could go on forever about the abuse and painful psychological pain that they instilled upon me. They had restrictions on drinking too much water for a girl at one point and also made girls do work hours that were given out for any given thing and we were forced to wake up at 5 and do chores even in the cold outside and also remember girls having to haul large rocks to line the outside of the running track to work off work hours. The staff would hand work hours out in the 10+ amount just to be spiteful and controlling. We were told that we were not able to have pictures of anyone but immediate family and Summer and Shannon Rhoda said we were there as a punishment, not a sorority house. Jail would have been 100 times less intense from what we went through. It was imprisonment and horrifying how they could get away with doing such harm to girls that had issues as a teenager. I was in there for defiant behavior which was literally just not listening to rules and ditched school maybe 2 times and was sent off as if I had committed a horrible crime.  There are too many things to even begin my whole story, but needless to say, I still suffer horrible PTSD symptoms and have nightmares til this day about that place. I don’t function normally in social and life situations. I developed issues with alcohol and so on AFTER the program and got worse anxiety and depression also. I don’t have any learning disabilities or mental disorders except for the aftermath with PTSD.


I give CCASurvivors.com, permission to use this statement.  I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.  Executed on 10/08/2013