CCA Contract Review

Copper Canyon Academy is NOT a licensed Medical Care facility. Since Copper Canyon Academy is not licensed to provide the service they claim to provide, it is unreasonable for them to charge over $40,000 a year for “treatment” that is not a real or clinically approved treatment. Copper Canyon Academy does not claim to offer any legitimate services, guarantees no measure of improvement and offers no warranties which begs to question the inordinate amount of fees required to receive the equivalent of incarceration.

Misleading terms and directly contradictory claims to refunds, allocation of spending and hidden costs. Non- refundable Admission and Enrollment fee, + $750 evaluation/screening fee. (A $750 pre-screening survey) Advance payments are non-refundable. Early termination of the contract and removal of child from the program without a written 30 day notice can result in payments and fees of over $6,600.

“Therapeutic” services, visits with real psychologist or other healthcare professionals seem to be separate from the proposed treatment plan and will cost extra if determined to be necessary.

“Independent Contractors” such as psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health professionals are to be used upon the approval and discretion of the Copper Canyon Academy staff however you sign to release Copper Canyon Academy from any liability concerning the outcome or mismanagement of services provided. (Note: Please see section on over-medication)

This contract does not include the power of attorney/ custodial consent contract that is required to be signed on date of admissions. Said contract grants 51% custodial rights to Copper Canyon Academy and waives rights to require consent before administering medical services, tests or relocation.

Authorization to property searches, strip searches and cavity searches at sole discretion of Copper Canyon Academy staff. This means that despite having no access to contraband in the facility, they can still be subject to unnecessary, unethical and sometimes violent violations of their bodies based on the discretion of any staff member regardless of qualifications or sex. Use of these searches at “any time” suggests that such searches may be used in excess and as a form of humiliation as opposed to legitimate safety procautions. This poses a considerable risk, especially since Copper Canyon Academy has a history of mistakenly hiring pedophiles and rapists as staff members. (*note: please see article on Randy Young)

Use of restraint, detainment or other methods of “physical control” is permitted to be in situations where the student may be considered a danger to themselves or others or may be attempting to escape the program. The main issue with this is that these “restraints” are not commonly limited to these stipulations and can quite literally be doled out for any reason the staff deems necessary, Including, “not following directions”, “refusal” and “being defiant”. Restraint is commonly misconstrued to be a safe manner of consoling an out of control patient, when in reality the methods used in Copper Canyon Academy and other troubled teen programs seem to be violent, pain inducing and indicative of poor training and a lack of knowledge of safety and clinical standards of care. Bent wrist and joint manipulation are often used despite the fact that neither method is approved to be used as an ethical method of restraint in a therapeutic setting. Because of the serious risk of injury and death by asphyxiation face down restraint techniques are not approved to be used in legitimate mental health care facilities and have been outlawed as cruel and unusual punishment in most state prisons. Use of physical punishment and seclusion in these situations is not only unethical but it poses great risk of injury and psychological distress.

Even without experiencing restraint and seclusion, other children witnessing such incidents can be significantly traumatized by the brutality of such practices. “Making an example” out of certain students is often used as a form of coercion, encouraging the witnesses to fear the staff and obey their commands out of basic psychological response to the intimidation of physical abuse.

Regulations Regarding Behavioral Restraint and Seclusion – http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/pubs/545701.pdf

If your child runs away, parents are responsible to pay within 7 days, an “accounting” of the cost of the staff’s efforts to apprehend the student and return them to the facility.

Theft of your children’s personal items is all to common because the staff are allowed to pick and choose when and if the items you provide your children are allowed or earned. More often than not, your child will never receive that item. You agree that theft of your child’s belongings is okay and you will not hold Copper Canyon Academy or any of it’s staff liable for the theft of that item.

This contract infers and requires acknowledgment that there is significant risk of psychological/ emotional harm and dangers of physical injury inherent to the program. In the case of abuse, injury or death, you agree to release Copper Canyon Academy and it’s owners (including Aspen Education Group LLC) of any liability even in the cases that they may be found directly, negligently or carelessly responsible for the death/ injury/ abuse of your child.

Despite the fact that parents are enrolling their child without their consent, this contract states that the parents agrees that BOTH the parent and child agree to these terms and VOLUNTARILY participate in this program aware of said risks and dangers.

In the event of serious injury or illness, all rights retained to the parents of the child to make medical decisions, have your child transported to a hospital and consent to medical procedures are waived and granted to Copper Canyon Academy’s staff. This means they do not have to inform you if your child is ill or injured nor do they have to consult you in your child’s treatment. However you will still be liable to pay for any services (including major surgeries) obtained on your child’s behalf.

The stated “Students Rights” are directly contradicted by the previous clauses, refusal of participation in any aspects of the program can and often to resort in physical punishments, isolation, forced labor, excessive exercise and being “held back” in the program. This reveals that students hardly retain any choice or right to refuse “treatment” from the program. As well if they choose to leave, as was stated above, they will be forcibly “detained” and returned to the facility. Their rights to open and unmonitored communication including censored mail are NOT respected and they have no rights whatsoever to “associate with individual of the student’s choice” when visitors and communication with friends and some family members is strictly forbidden. In conclusion, not one of the “students rights” are actually upheld within the program run by Copper Canyon Academy, and it is an outright deception to include such a misrepresentation of their policies in this contract.

By signing this agreement you are not only waiving your right to sue or press charges for any abuse/ injury/ death you are also agreeing to pay any attorney fees, court costs or other expenses if you do attempt to sue/ press charges. This is a deliberate intimidation of the signor to discourage disgruntled clients from attempting to contest the legality of this contract and the actions of the Copper Canyon Academy staff and legitimacy of the Copper Canyon Academy’s facility and practices.

Copper Canyon Academy may use yours and your child’s personal information, notes from “therapy” session and “likeness” (video or photos) for any purposes they may choose and because they are neither a licensed medical care facility and not bound by the same laws and regulations as state run care facilities, your confidentiality agreements may not be valid or used against Copper Canyon Academy in court.

Copper Canyon Academy demands “full cooperation” from both the parent and the student in participation in workshops and obeying the recommendations of Copper Canyon Academy staff. Any program that requires you to sign a contract that you will do what they say at all times, restricts your access and control over your child and requires that you waive your parental rights as well as your child’s basic human rights, should be extremely suspicious. DO NOT SIGN a contract that acknowledges that you are putting your child in harms way, yet releases liability of those you are who may be abusing them. Such contracts are predatory, fraudulent and provide allowance for mistreatment to occur without any right to contest or receive deserved damages in the case of abuse, injury or death.